What I Ate Wednesday!

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Frequently, while working with clients on how to make peace with food and their bodies, I get asked “what do you eat in a day?”  Many people, especially woman, do not trust my advice that their 1,200 calorie diet is not the best approach.  So, I have decided to share what I ate today and on some Wednesdays to follow!  

Disclosure: please excuse these poor excuses for food photos… I am not a photographer and these photos were shot on my iPhone 6.  

Breakfast: I had an appointment about an hour and a half from my home this morning so I quickly made one of my favorite meals – about a ½ to ¾ cup of old fashioned oats with peanut butter, frozen blueberries, and almonds mixed in.  This truly is delicious and filling, due to a plentiful mix of carbohydrate, healthy fat, and protein.  

Lunch: Since my appointment was at Panera, we ate lunch there.  I chose the “You Pick 2” combo and went with the garden vegetable soup with pesto and the turkey breast sandwich on whole grain.  I ate the apple as a snack later on.  

Dinner: Usually, I don’t eat two meals out in one day, but today is my mom’s birthday, so we had dinner at a local restaurant.  I chose the baked salmon with balsamic reduction glaze and roasted mixed vegetables.  This also included a tossed salad to start, a few French fries stole from my grandma’s plate, and a bite of the lava cake my mom received from the restaurant for her birthday.  

Snacks: At Panera I ordered a 16 oz. café latte with almond milk (nothing against cow’s milk).  While driving home from my appointment I ate the apple that was included with my lunch.  Finally, not that I consider this a snack, but I had a glass of red wine after dinner 🙂 

Well, there you have it.  Nothing fancy or outlandish, but definitely well over 1,200 calories!    

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