Keto Day 4 and 5

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Time to be real with ya’ll…. The last two days have been terrible.  Yesterday was day 4.  I was extremely tired, achy, and I had a headache all day.  I was able to get through a HIIT training session in the morning; but things went downhill from there. 

I felt so crappy that it was hard to eat correctly.  For breakfast, I had my normal coffee with grass-fed butter, 2 eggs cooked in olive oil, with Colby jack cheese and avocado.   For lunch, I could barely stomach the salmon and spring mix smothered in MCT oil.  I didn’t eat until much later when all I had were almonds and some slices of cheese.  The other reason I know my body and brain are struggling is because I went ham on some natural peanut butter…. More than likely knocking me out of ketosis and making it clearly apparent just how restrictive the diet can be.  I really miss fruit, vegetables, hummus, toast, sandwiches, you name it! 

The keto strips continue to show that I have moderate ketones in my urine.  I know the main problem is that I am eating too much protein to truly get into ketosis.  I have really struggled to eat high fat without having too much protein – mainly due to the fact that I do not eat beef or pork.  Many people in ketosis are eating a large amount of beef… I’m just not willing to go there.  

Today (day 5) has been interesting as well.  I woke up not hungry AT ALL.  I went for a run and felt like absolutely sh*t!  I still wasn’t hungry after my run, so I got started with my day with my coffee and grass-fed butter.  I went along with my day until about noon, when I had some mixed nuts.  I also had some 4% cottage cheese with the natural peanut butter (I did not go crazy today) and a piece of string cheese.  That is all I have eaten today… I have zero appetite.  I am more than likely not in ketosis, however, because I enjoyed a wonderful beer with a friend later in the day.  I only had one, but that is all it takes!  It was totally worth it.  No regrets 🙂  

My husband and I are now heading up north to spend the weekend with lots of family, good food, drinks, and some treats I’m sure.  I am not going to pressure myself to continue with the experiment.  I am going to enjoy the weekend and not restrict myself.  I’ll report back on how much better I feel in a later blog 🙂 

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