Keto Day 3

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Not much more to report on today from yesterday, except that the ketone strips show that I seem to be producing less ketones today.  I attribute this to eating a little bit too much protein yesterday.  I am having a really hard time not eating protein with the fat! 

I did feel tired this morning and woke up about 45 minutes later than I normally do.  Once I did flop out of bed I felt okay and was able to get to the gym for a workout, again with no problems.  I was even able to do several all-out sprints.  Here is what my food looked like today:

Pre-workout – black coffee with a tiny splash of reduced sugar creamer and some grass-fed butter
Breakfast – 3 whole eggs cooked in olive oil with Colby jack cheese, blue cheese, topped with avocado
Lunch – 3 oz. Atlantic salmon cooked in olive oil, with a cup of spring mix, topped with blue cheese and more olive oil
Dinner – 3 oz. walleye cooked in olive oil with pan fried zucchini in butter
Snacks – 1 serving (about 24) almonds and 2 small cucumbers with cream cheese.  I also had 1 small  bite of 4% cottage cheese and 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter 

No headache today, but I did feel a little bit of brain fog.  I had a couple presentations at a local gymnastics club that I work with and did find that I was messing up more words than usual.  I’m not sure if this was caused from the diet or not!  Let’s move on to day 4! 

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