How to have a Great Day After Thanksgiving!

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The Friday after Thanksgiving can be a very difficult day for many people.  You tell yourself every year that you are not going to overeat on Thanksgiving day; you are not going to set yourself back from your goals again; this year is going to be different.  Well, maybe you don’t stick to the plan; no matter what the reason.

So, you wake up the day after Thanksgiving with an immediate sense of dread, mentally going over all of the foods you should not have eaten.  You berate yourself for being weak and criticize yourself for having no self-discipline.  I have been there, maybe you have been there; everyone has been there at some point, because we are human.  So, what do you do now?  You have this entire next day to get through, feeling bloated and terrible about yourself.  How do you move forward?

1) First thing in the morning, look yourself if the mirror and say “I forgive myself.  I am human.  I will not give up and I will always keep trying.” 
2) Drink a big glass of water right after you wake up – 16 ounces or more should do.  If you consumed alcohol at all the day before this is even more important.  Drinking water and staying hydrated all day long will help flush out any water retention and will keep you regular.  
3) Take your dog for a walk – a 30 minute walk is the perfect amount of time to reflect on your feelings and gets you outside and moving.  Look around at nature and enjoy the beauty of our earth.  This will start to make your problems seem a bit more insignificant.  
4) Get involved in a project or do some important work – put up Christmas decorations around your house, do some of that work project with an impending deadline, or finally clean out that closet that you have been needing to get to for months.  
5) If you like to go Black Friday shopping, go with friends or family and do not feel forced to eat if you are still not hungry.  Listen to your body.  If you over indulged the day before, you really might not be hungry until later that day or night. 
6) Get right back to your plan.  Don’t starve yourself and do hours of cardio, just because you overate.  Eat when you are hungry and get back right back at eating your normal, healthy foods.  
7) Move your body – go for another walk, go to the gym, walk around the mall.  Whatever it is you do, just make sure you move your body and appreciate all that it does for you.  Our bodies really are amazing machines.  

​There you are, friends.  These are some of the steps I have taken after I feel like I have over indulged.  Don’t beat yourself up or talk badly about yourself.  Stressing about it will get you nowhere, and can actually make it worse.  Just get right back to your plan and continue to be thankful for all that you have.

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