Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Whether you’re an individual suffering from an eating disorder, a top performing athlete, or just want to be more comfortable in your own skin, I can help.

Free 15 Minute Consult

Positive, Goal-Driven Nutrition

I provide all of my clients and teams with the most positive coaching experience. My goal? To leave them feeling prepared, happy, and more confident than ever.

One-On-One Counseling

​I offer individual eating disorder and nutrition counseling services on a monthly subscription basis. I provide unlimited face-to-face, phone, or telehealth visits, as well as open communication all month long via phone, text, and after hours.

Eating Disorders

Healthy Food, Healthy Bodies

Eating disorders can take many forms, and can seem completely overwhelming. I’m passionate about helping individuals develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

Sports Nutrition

Top Performance Needs Top Fuel

I work with individual athletes on the unique nutrition and hydration strategies to help them reach their performance goals.

Challenging Wellness Situations

Healthful Nutrition For Any Lifestyle

Every lifestyle can benefit from healthy nutrition. Whether you’re a truck driver or a new mom, a firefighter or a picky eater, I can develop a nutrition plan for you.

Food Sensitivity & Allergies

Eat Better, Feel Better

Eating healthy with sensitivities & allergies can be a challenge. I’m here to help.

Team Coaching

We determine team goals – these could be group education and presentations, individual athlete coaching, supplement guidance, or help with athletes struggling with disordered eating. We then work together on a timeline and plan for implementation.

Educational Athlete Presentations

I educate your team on proper nutrition, goal setting, and overcoming disordered eating.

Catering & Training Table Guidance

Wondering what to feed your team? You’re not alone, and I’m here to help.

Individual Hydration Strategies

Every body is different, which is why it’s important to address individual hydration needs.

Supplement Guidance & Monitoring

There are a ton of supplements out there, but will they help or harm? I guide your team through the use of supplements.

Boris T

Following [Allison's] professional recommendations, I began to notice, not only a physical difference, yet, I noticed a mental. For example, I am now less stressed, I'm eating correctly, my blood pressure has decreased...Thank you, Allison, for helping me get healthy again and changing my life.

Yeni R

I really enjoyed working with Allison. She is very kind, knowledgeable, open to questions at any moment. The use of the app to communicate with her is amazing, extremely personalized and professional.

Kai B

Allison was able to help me tremendously with my veganism journey. Especially with my protein intake. She is always available when you need her.

Connie F

I love’s Allison’s approach to eating well. She has an understanding of eating disorders and disordered eating and is able to help make adjustments while working within an Intuitive Eating framework. She remains available to her clients and very supportive!

Erica M

The meal plan that Allison created for me is working wonders. Thanks again for all your education and expertise.

Kelly B

My daughter and I met with Allison to learn more about nutrition, particularly as it pertains to being a teen athlete...Allison was very knowledgeable and presented the information in a very easy to use fashion. We really felt like she understood our concerns and that offered great advice for how to implement more nutritious choices for all aspects of our lives.

Marla WGraphic Designer, Owl Eyes

Allison helped me a lot. She listens carefully and provides constructive, compassionate feedback. She is also knowledgeable about vegan nutrition and provided information about macro targets given my level of exercise. 10/10 would work with her again.

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