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Consumer Review: Menu Bubble

By December 18, 2018 January 3rd, 2019 No Comments

If you follow me on social media, you will have seen that ALT Performance Nutrition is teaming up with Menu Bubble, a meal prep company based out of Lansing, MI.  Menu Bubble is Mid-Michigan’s only meal prep company and their goal is to provide Michiganders with the two most important aspects of life – health and time. 

I met up with Rueben Hewitt, the founder and CEO of Menu Bubble last week and we became instant friends.  Rueben has an amazing story!  Originally from the Caribbean country, Trinidad, Rueben has a big personality and is so much fun to be around!  He started Menu Bubble with the passion and determination to help people live healthier lives – this is deeply inspired from personal experience.  Rueben was working a comfortable, corporate job making plenty of money when he came to the realization that he wanted to do more with his life.  How he described it to me was that he was stuck in a rut; he was leading a very unhealthy life because of long work hours with limited time to work out and cook nutrient-rich meals.  First, he hired a friend to prepare, cook, and deliver all his meals to him.  Then, he started educating himself on ingredients, food, and macronutrients.  Finally, he decided there was a market for this service in Lansing – there are MANY busy people just like him in need of help with their meals!  Therefore, Rueben left his corporate job and Menu Bubble was born.

Menu Bubble aims to serve anyone in the greater Lansing area that is too busy to prepare their own nutrient-rich meals.  They furnish delicious, macronutrient-friendly, and healthy meals that are perfect for any time-crunched higher performer, including body builders, athletes, executives, CEO’s and business people, entrepreneurs, busy moms, and many more!  They offer a couple different options for meals, including meal plans ranging from 7 to 21 fully cooked meal servings; as well as one-time purchase options.  All meals are delivered right to your doorstep and are freshly made; never frozen!

With our new partnership, Rueben has graciously offered all my clients and followers a discount code!  If you want to try out Menu Bubble, go to, do your shopping, then type in “Allison” during checkout to receive 20% off. 

Rueben was very generous and offered me a couple meals to try.  Today, I tried the Garlic Butter Kale Rice and Baked Chicken, so I thought I would give it a review! 

  • Taste – 10/10!  I am usually not a fan of reheated chicken, but this was absolutely delicious!
  • Texture – 10/10!  This was spot on.  The chicken was lean (no fat noted) and I could barely taste the kale that was mixed with the brown rice – a great way to get in extra veggies with picky eaters!
  • Appearance – 10/10!  This meal had gotten a little jostled, as Rueben brought it to me in his bag; however, the chicken was clearly well seasoned and the rice with the kale was beautiful.

I stand behind every brand that I endorse, and this is absolutely a company that I highly recommend.  Rueben is a wonderful person and his number one goal is to help others succeed and reach their health goals.  Make sure to check out Menu Bubble’s rotating menu, meal plan options, FAQ’s, and local spotlights on their website, at and don’t forget to use the code “Allison” if you want to try them out.  I’m sure glad I did! 

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